World Music, Modern Dance, Flamenco

Management Territory: WORLDWIDE


ConTrastes Danza speaks of a country rich in culture and art. A peninsula home to great artists, a place where every seed ancestor made to appear later as a fruit tree rich with everything you could expect.


ConTrastes Danza speaks of north, south, central, east, for a terrain full of rocks and bridges but also rivers and pristine found.


ConTrastes Danza speaks of a single territory, the Iberian Peninsula.


A country with renovated ancient traditions that take a step into the future without losing its own identity in an increasingly global world.


Is a project that her choreographer, Nuria Serra initiated a few years ago when she started working with American Dancers. She wanted to share her particular way of dancing and choreographing with professionals from another culture. She has been working with this dancers and transmitting the Mediterranean culture throughout the movement and dance.



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