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Management Territory: EUROPE


FOREVER TANGO celebrates the passionate music and dance of Argentina, with six world-class Argentine Tango couples and as seen on Dancing With The Stars guest artists. In addition there is a traditional Argentine 1930s style vocalist, Marcela Ríos, and an ten piece orchestra featuring the instrument of the tango, the bandoneón, a 19th century accordion. The dances, performed to original and traditional music, are the result of collaboration between each couple and director/creator, Luis Bravo.


FOREVER TANGO opened on Broadway in June of 1997 for what was expected to be an eight-week engagement but ran for 14 months! Its 92-week run in San Francisco set a record for that city's longest run of a touring show. Since 1990, Forever Tango has been seen by over 7 million people in South and North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.


Musical Direction


Horacio Romo




Juan Paulo Horvath & Romina Levin


“Zumo” Leguizamón & María Belén Bartolomé


Sebastián Ripoll & Mariana Bojanich


Ariel Almirón & Natalia Turelli


Diego Ortega & Aldana Silveyra


Soledad Buss & César Peral




Marcela Ríos




Bandoneons: Pablo Mainetti – Horacio Romo – Santiago Polimeni – Carlos Sciarretta


Violins: Humberto Ridolfi- José Luis Marina


Viola: Washington Williman


Cello: Luis Bravo


Bass: Héctor Pineda


Piano: Jorge Vernieri


 Stage Manager Jorge González

Production Manager Carlos Díaz

Company Manager Oscar Leguizamón

Company Manager Benjamín Correas

Stage Manager Jorge Gonzalez

Lighting Engineer Alexander Kordics

Sound Designer Rolando Obregon


 Choreography by

The Dancers


 Directed by

Luis Bravo


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