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Management Territory: SPAIN


Highly acclaimed by critics and public, PianOrquestra presents a fascinating approach to the piano. An intriguing musical experiment – one piano played by ten hands – transforms the piano into its own orchestra. The group explores Brazilian rhythmic roots and new sonorities and sounds, all produced on the piano in real time, through a variety of preparation resources that are not normally used by a traditional pianist.


Four classically trained musicians and one percussionist, Claudio Dauelsberg, Marina Spoladore, Anne Amberget, Priscila Azevedo and Masako Tanaka, play the keyboard, the inside, the bottom and the sides of a prepared piano, placing objects on the piano strings, using felt, acrylic and metal, besides using fishing-wire, flip-flops, piano hammers drumsticks to obtain percussive effects among a variety of other objects.


Timbres range according to the density, weight and texture of the objects, some of which are especially built for the group. This way, PianOrquestra creates possibilities of sounds similar to a guitar, cavaquinho, contrabass, violin, harpsichord, and others, in addition to the most varied percussive timbres.


They sound like a samba band, a gamelan ensemble, a percussion ensemble; the pianists seamlessly exchange function and position to create an instrument that expresses itself as one voice.


PianOrquestra uses prepared piano techniques based on John Cage’s experiments to explore these infinite possibilities of sounds produced by the piano.


Created and directed by Brazilian pianist Claudio Dauelsberg, PianOrquestra plays Brazilian music in an entirely unheard of manner. The performance flows easily from classical to popular Brazilian music, including contemporary composers such as Villa-Lobos, Ernesto Nazareth, Tom Jobim and Milton Nascimento and ethnic rhythms such as samba, choro, coco, maracatu and ciranda. With meticulous synchronism in a performance that involves a high level of virtuosity, PianOrquestra creates a unique instrumental sound.


Micro-cameras are installed inside, under and above the piano’s box, and the images are projected simultaneously onto a screen on the stage, so the audience can follow all the musicians’ movements inside and under the piano.PianOrquestra makes music that reflects contemporary artistic currents, attracting new audiences for instrumental music. The performance pleases and surprises.



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